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Brief description of the world, a backstory to fill you in.

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The War required no man to sustain itself - automatic factories kept producing the doomsday warmachines for decades and centuries. Countries was shattered, continents burned.

While the machines from both sides kept killing each other, the wisest part of humanity hid underground, letting time and rust to defeat those man made giants.

Thats where the new world is born - with few human survivors, who crawl from their underground freezers, thousands years after, with furry humanoid mutants and twisted horrible creatures, the children of spoiled lands.

Through the centuries, incredible mutations have appeared, sometimes aggressive, sometimes peaceful and intelligent..

A world with the remnants of the empire, that started the war - those who are no longer humans, but half machines, who had to upgrade and cut open their bodies to let technology help surviving the doomsday. Their only goal is producing energy – by recycling everything valuable sources found on their path.

They live ancient humans lifestyle, leaving only scorched earth in their habitat, because only this way can help their cybernetic hearts beating.

A world where the walking rust, mindless war machines still wander aimlessly in wastes, ruins and newborn jungles, and shoot everything that is alive. Rust and rot are slowly destroying them, but high-end technologies of the past stand through years. Dozens of types and classes of these soulless killers keep walking the earth, and new ones are being born in the automatic underground facilities, that should have been shut down long time ago. The war will never end for them, even though there is no one left to kill, from those who started it.

some of them are a little but deadly night hunters, and some of them are a horrible elephant - sized walking tanks.

So many of them were produced, that walking out in the wild territories without some reliable armor-piercing weapons will become the end of any psychopath, brave enough to go there.

Though experienced and good equipped travellers can deal with every warmachine - artificial mind will never be a match for human, but sometimes big calibers are not needed for the job.

Even the tallest and thickest strongholds has its weaknesses - so as these machines, that are very vulnerable to experienced hackers, who can easily take control of their minds, of course only with a rare tools, clear mind, good skills and a bit of luck.

Raven Red

“Raven Red” is a codename for a working horse of the humanity`s last days, main battle mech. T-34 of the century, one man operated killing machine. Every party, travelling the open world need to find, assemble and repair one, and operate and sustain it - without it surviving in hazardous lands with aggressive fauna is futile. Agile, sturdy and reliable, it is hard to kill and easy to repair

Most of the humanoid creatures are able to get inside and control it, but with the skills of the pilot

effectiveness grow. Automatic aiming systems and hi-end optics do its job, but without knowing the tactics, mech`s abilities and technical restrictions, even this machine will fall under devastating fire or excavator-sized mutated claws.

The strongest feature of the machine - is its brains, that can not be hacked or forced, as they are not entirely artificial. Every Raven has its co-pilot, a digitized mind of a former human, that fell in the war. Without it, control of the mech is impossible, and it can be killed, permanently damaged or even stolen, so finding a new one to replace could become a very big problem.

Ravens are capable of both close and ranged combat, depends on its tasks and equipment, but usually it is fighting with only what could be found or assembled by the team. Powerful weapons are not just lying on the ground, at least, not anymore.

Of course, there are many other rare battle mechs, scattered in the ancient vaults and dungeons of nearly extinct humanity, but “Ravens” was most massively produced during the war. The gameplay is build around a team`s mech and team members, who helps in the fight, buff the machine, repair and upgrade it - without support, even sturdiest machine will meet its end shortly.

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