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The previous article talked about the lore, so in this one I will lay out the plans I have for this mod and what I hope to achieve with it.

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I started this setting as an idea for Bannerlord initially, but modding bannerlord solo is an endeavour I am not crazy enough to attempt. As such I decided that I would try to get it done and implemented for Warband at least. To begin with I have to note that I am not an experienced modder. While there are a ton of things I would like to do with this mod most of them are quite unrealistic at this stage, and might not happen at all. That's why I've elected to start pretty simple with a goal that shouldn't be too hard to achieve. Where the mod will go from there is anyone's guess.

With that out of the way, I will below list the features that I plan to have in the mod. To begin with here are the things that are the highest priority at the moment:

Fleshing out the factions - This is WIP. This includes getting the names of lords etc right for the lore, making sure they all work as intended and are not too weak/too strong. Basic stuff

Replace all in-game items with things more fitting for the late 15th century - WIP. This will initially be done with OSPs, but I do plan to make my own edits of them and potentially new stuff from scratch as I go along. The mod will mostly stick to the aesthetic which existed in the 1470s in real history, but since it is not a historical setting there will be deviations wherever I feel like they fit.

A big part of this will be separating the upper leg from the torso regarding the clothes and armour. In the base game the upper leg mesh is connected to the torso. This made sense for a 13th century setting which has long clothes and armour, but it makes it very awkward for a 15th century setting where this no longer applies. I plan to overhaul this so that each leg piece contains the upper leg, which won't be connected to the torso anymore. This should allow for far better looking armour combinations.

Troop Trees - The troop trees will be revamped to fit the setting, and to make sure they are balanced to how I want them. TBD

Below are features that are not an immediate prirority, but that I hope to achieve nevertheless.

Separate elite units - Recruiting noble/elite units as a separate tree is something which I would like to implement. These would only be recruitable if you are part of that faction as a vassal.

New animations - Especially for reloading crossbows, but also better polearm swings and stuff like that.

Lastly here are some things which are very low on the priority list, and may or may not get done at all. Do not get your hopes up for these.

Better mercenary recruitment - Recruiting mercenaries from camps or dedicated NPC instead of finding them randomly at taverns.

Overhauling Scenes - While scenes are a big part of Warband the sad truth is that scening takes a lot of time and effort. It's not a realistic goal to replace all of the scenes with more fitting 15th century ones at any time in the near future.

Freelancer - It would be interesting to implement freelancer, but since the way I wish to implement it is a slight bit different from the available mod it's not an easy task.

Replacing the main map with the Bannerlord one - As I noted this setting was initially thought out with Bannerlord in mind and the main map for that game would fit it a decent amount better. It's a possibility I will keep open for the future.

Better AI weapon behaviour - Primarily to overhaul their use of polearms and make them actually useful, as polearms are a staple of all medieval warfare and the 15th century is no different.

Overhauling tournaments - Making them closer to real tournaments with jousting, pollaxe duels in armour and team fights would be dope. Not terribly realistic at the moment however

Custom Kingdom Troops - Also a feature that would be nice to have.

That is about what I have planned for this mod. The first release will ideally have the factions and troop trees done, with most items having been replaced with better (even if placeholder) ones.

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