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Quick update on the planets which will be present in the mod.

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Hey guys/gals. After working on this list for a couple of days im finally happy with the way it has shaped out. The list below contains 13 planets for both Cylon and Colonial sides, aswell as 13 names neutral planets. The galactic conquest mode will also contain Wild Space and other Sectors.

Here's the list, let me know what you think of it:

Colonial Occupied
1. Aerilon
2. Aquaria
3. Caprica
4. Canceron
5. Gemenon
6. Leonis
7. Libran
8. Picon
9. Sagittaron
10. Scorpia
11. Tauron
12. Virgon
13. Ragnar Anchorage

Neutral Occupation

14. New Caprica
15. Sol
16. Earth
17. Algae Planet
18. Kobol
19. Armistice Space
20. Cimtar
21. Ionian Nebula
22. Pintar
23. Centor
24. Sirenus
25. Equellus
26. Orion
27. Korax

Cylon Occupied
28. The Colony
29. Cylon Resurrection Hub
30. Cylonia
31. Sector - 46L8
32. Itox
33. Pyronia
34. XE4
35. Medusa
36. Chimaeia
37. Hades
38. Kronus
39. Valerri
40. Attila



looking goood :D

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Huh.. Cylonia :D i forgot if that was a real planet or not, (checks the internet) i think i just made it up xD
*edit* oh and cool list :D

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byron_rees Author

Most of the planet names are made up. I thought Cylonia would be mushc better than the boring "Cylon Homeworld" :P


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Very nice list. Great idea having the cylon earth and Kobol. I didn't even think of them.

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