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After 3 years of abandonment, the Planetary Annihilation ModDB page is now re-opened.

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So this page was abandoned.

For a long time.

3 years.

During that time, no images, videos, or news was being posted on here, forcing Planetary Annihilation fans to look elsewhere for PA news or stay in the dark.

No longer.

Thanks to the efforts of ModDB community manager TK_Aza and Uber Entertainment member Michelle Krater, this page has been re-opened to community content. Feel free to browse the increasing catalogue of screenshots, videos, and mods or add whatever content you create to the page yourself.

I'm Planetary Annihilation modder and community member Stuart98, and I'll be working to get as much PA stuff onto here as I can. Now, let's talk about Planetary Annihilation itself.

Planetary Annihilation is an interplanetary RTS game that was released in September of 2014. Since then it has continued to be updated with new features.

October - Offline Mode
November - Ranked Mode, beginnings of a map editor (Refined over many patches since then)
December - Unit Cannons
January - Subs
March - Single-player saving
June - Galactic War Overhaul, resuming from anywhere in a match.

Next up is asteroids, smashable objects that respawn over time, which might get out to everyone by the end of the week.

The mod community for Planetary Annihilation started only a short while after the first alpha build came out. Two years later, there are hundreds of available mods, some cosmetic, some user interface related, while some alter the gameplay. All of them can be accessed by downloadin the Planetary Annihilation mod manager from the downloads page.

That's it for now. Stay tuned.

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