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A quick run down of what we aim to do with this and our plans moving forward.

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OK so I loved this game as a kid, spent hours upon hours playing and probably still don't know every trick to this game, not that I ever bothered really looking, I did however beat it.

So I think it's time to drag this game forward and so began working on a remake, a 3D version with essentially the same game play mechanics in place, I have updates I'd like to make in the future but for the moment we intend to keep the game the same.

Yesterday we had a production meeting at Devils Inc Studios and decided to move forward in a 2 week period to get this game running. While I wish I could say this will be released everywhere I sadly cannot, due to obvious copyright license issues (the rights are now owned by Disney I believe as they acquired the games developer LucasArts) but I can you'll be able to play the first release version as soon as we have it ready.

The current version available is my original level design build but has no game play mechanics in place right now these were handed off to our coder last night and he will begin working on them as of today. Our target end date for the first working version is later this week, I will provide an update as soon as I can and I need to head back to finishing up our games GDD.

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