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A short post outlining the plan for the APBS, and the methods used to create the IP.

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Those of us at Grumbe Drive feel very strongly that we have a great game and story to offer the mod community and gamers everywhere. That being said, we are a new studio, and as such, are planning on testing things before really putting a ton of hours into this project. This is the idea behind the HL2:EP2 mod. We are going to be using the beloved yet outdated Source engine to 'rough draft' A Piece of Blue Sky, and then see how it goes after that.

The idea behind this game is to explore a post-apocalyptic New York City, which means that visuals and realism is very important behind that idea. As we all know, those two things end up being very labor intensive. This is why the rough draft plan works best for us. We can highlight, through Source, the best parts of our game, and then take them to new heights in an engine like UDK or CryEngine, or others.

The creative process is already heavily underway. It may not get to it, but a story arch for a trilogy has already been planned, and it offers some very good story telling. The limits of Source hamper this a bit, and so we do not want to present the Source Mod as the final version of the game.

We'll continue updating progress on here, and encourage anyone interested in joining our small team, to email us at



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