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The Death Squadron is my new, deadly fleet. It is still mostly under construction, but can still be used in combat.

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The Beskar Marev

The Beskar Marev:
The Beskar Marev is the current Command Ship for "The Pirate Lords" fleet, and has fought in many major battles before and after the Cold War.

40 Triple Medium Turbo Laser cannons
5 Heavy Missle Launchers
12 Medium Beam Weapons
1 Heavy Octo Turbo Laser

Defense Systems:
60 Point Laser Defense Systems
Two Shield Generators, one Thermal and one Ray, both heavy.
Turrets protecting the hallways of the Ship
Automated Defense Droids
Escape Pods (200)

Fight Complement: Modified to have a numberous small-medium sized hangers, the Beskar Marev can hold up to 200 Fighters:
50 Vengeance Mk2s.
25 Dragoon Mk1s.
100 Pirate Fighters
25 Tie Bombers Mk3
3 Shuttles

The crew of the Beskar Marev is highly elite, and is not to be underestimated.

Mantle of Death

Deaths Mantle:

The Deaths Mantle is a one of a kind Capital Ship, found wrecked in the Wild Space regions. Recovered by my forces and restored at the Karax Shipyards, it`s original armement has been expanded upon, and it`s shields, engines and hull improved with modern tech.

20 Quad Turbo Laser Cannons (Heavy)
10 Heavy Missle Launchers (50 missles each)
20 Dual Ion Cannons (Heavy)

Defense Systems:
30 Point Laser Defense Systems
Two Shield Generators, one Ion and one Ray, both Heavy.
Automated Defense Systems (Droid, Turrets)
Escape Pods (100)

Fighter Complement:
24 Vengeance Mk2s
5 Nuit-Class Gunships
2 Shuttles

ship designs to be considered

Shade of Night:
The Pirates Haven has been recently "aquired" from old members of the CIS, and has been modified to be fit a support role, using its many long ranged turbo lasers and missles to bombard enemies from afar. It can pack a huge punch for its size, though lacks Fighters and Point Defenses, meaning it must be defended from fighters.

2 Long Ranged Super Heavy Turbo Laser Cannons.
20 Long Ranged Medium Turbo Laser Cannons
10 Long Ranged Missle Launchers
5 Dual Ion Cannons
One Tractor Beam

Defense Systems:
Automated Defense Droids
Automated Turrets
One Heavy Shield
Escape Pods (50)

Fight Complement: N/A

The Crew of the Pirates Haven has been drawn from all over the Galaxy, uniting most of the former CIS commanders and organic crew members to man it. They are mildily experianced.

Gladiator Class Star Destroyer

The Pandorica
The primary Fighter Carrer of the fleet, and it`s primary Fight Defnese Ship, the Pandorica is eqquiped with few turbo lasers, but many point laser defense systems and missle launchers, and also has a fair amount of ion cannons. It`s fighter complement is large, enough to overwhelm any singular ship.

15 Heavy Missle Launchers
15 Dual Ion Cannons
5 Dual Medium Turbo Lasers

Defense Systems:
150 Point Laser Defense Systems
30 Light Missle Launchers (used as Anti Fighter mainly)
Automated Defense Droids
Automated Turrets
Two shields: One main and one backup, both heavy and both ray.
Escape Pods (150)

Fighter Complement: Thanks to its large hangers, the Pandorica can hold up to 300 Fighters.
100 Vengeance Mk2s
75 Interceptor Mk2s
50 Tie Bombers Mk3
75 Sith Fighters Mk2s

The crew of the Pandorica is largly made up of mercs and pirates, most of them being experianced pilots or mechanics, meaning the Pandorica can quickly recover after massive damage and Fighters are useally modified to have better shields/hull/weapons. Most of the pilots are War Veterans.

Deaths Hand

The Deaths Hand + Death Squadron:
The Deaths Hand is my own personal fighter, an old Eta-2 Starfighter used by the Jedi during the Clone Wars, it has kept factory weapons (though modified to be more accurate and deadly) but has had its hull, engines and shields replaced with better and more modern varients. It is the lead of my own Squadron: Death Squadron. Death Squadron is composed of the remains of Black and Noir Squadrons, and use the old ARC Starfighters (though modified of course). It is my main escape ship, but I rarely use it in combat, only for infiltration and even scouting.

ship designs to be considered

Hells Gates + Hells Teeth
Hells Gates is a Firespray class Starfighter, specially manufactered by the black market for me. It is larger then the other models, and is my main cruiser if I am to attend a meeting or simply travel the Galaxy. It is armed with 2 medium repeating lasers, 4 light rocket launchers, seismic bombs (5) and has been upgraded with better hull, shielding and engines. Overall, it packs a large punch and can protect me if ever I am ambushed (consider this my "Ebon Hawk" xD). It has been equiped with a high tech Stealth Generator.

The Hells Teeth Squadron has recently finished construction at the Karax Shipyards, and is composed of 10 Modified Firesprays. Each has been customised differently by its pilot, but each is designed for dogfights and bombing runs. They have at least 2 Light-Heavy Repeating blasters, 2-4 Light-Medium Missle Launchers, a proton torpedo launcher (10 Torpedos each) and a High Tech Stealth Generator. Each ship also has different shields, from Ion to Ray, most Heavy. The hull is also made out of heavy materials. They are used in battle, and are very deadly to all targets, they useally work closly with Death Squadron. The pilots come from all over the Galaxy, and each has been in and survived at least 10 battles.

Death Squadron:
Capital Ships:

Beskar Marev
Deaths Mantle

Centurion MK2: 10
Praetor: 5

Shade of Night

Thylacenes: 3
Sith Interdictor MK2 (highly modified): 20

Shadow Legion:
First TMF Legion "Shadow Legion":

1,500 Elite TMF Troops, heavily armed and armored. Training level: Very High
500 Very Elite Sith Troopers, very heavily armed and very heavily armored. Training Level: Extremly High.
Captain Taria: Commander of the 500 Elite Sith Troopers
Commander Drake: Commander of the 1,500 TMF Troopers
Lord Reguis: Sith Agent of the Shadow Legion

IC-OSIK - - 1,072 comments

lol Pandorica. Docter Who beat you to it.

Other than that, looks good.

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AK151 - - 5,600 comments

I believe he was going to originally use "Pandora", but I beat him to it ^_^

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix - - 6,421 comments

Doctor Who rocks, and I thought a second Pandora would be weird xD.

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Adenn`Verda - - 2,819 comments

rofl super heavy turbolaser

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Ten10dix Author
Ten10dix - - 6,421 comments

Why are you so agaisnt my fleet? Should I just make a fleet of 60+ ships to make you happy? Maybe add an SSD aswell? My fleet is small, yet you are agaisnt it? Help me understand please.

Btw, I`ve used Super Heavy Turbos Lasers before without any complaints from anyone, you included >.<.

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Adenn`Verda - - 2,819 comments

just find it funny. why is everything i say negative?

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Tover87 - - 3,181 comments

Its because hes afraid he will lose the battle of taris against your fleet. Eitheir that or he is a natural complainer.

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