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The Alpha Map has a room where you start, use it wisely.

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Hello there!

So, we finally got some videos uploaded! I know they're very short and not too interesting but we wanted to explain the “Preparation Room” as we've named it.

This room is where you will start on the map (single player and online) you can explore, maybe sit on that couch provided, even have a drink from the dispenser that will be in there eventually.

Now, see that gate? Yeah, that's where the zombies live, you'll notice the nice message it gives you when you go near it. As soon as you, or a anyone else on your team go and press enter on that gate the zombies will begin to hunt you down, but because we're nice and think you deserve a chance rather than having hundreds of zombies pouring in, the time it takes you to run from that gate which seems to have vanished? To that slowly opening door, is the time the game takes to prepare the zombies and set up all the timers and other assets to begin hunting you down, so you have say 3 seconds to get your plans sorted. Really though, you should have done that before unleashing the undead, silly.

I bet you're thinking “What if I don't go through the door?”! We'll my friend, you'll then have a lot of zombies come through that one doorway. Think you can survive that? Yeah for a while, but then you'll run out of bullets for that M9 you have, and even if you do manage to survive the first 2 rounds, you'll end up with angry zombies coming through quicker than you can kill them, end-of-you. 3 rounds. You can do better than that, really. Try leaving, there's a world of weapons, traps, and more out there.

This concludes today's update. :)

I'll have a full video of the map very soon, with the games soundtrack! (We have one of those things! :O)


thewonderboy - - 653 comments

Zumgggg too much updates ;D

Awsum. What i though would have been in the preparation room is that you get 3 or more choices on that room (3 different equal pistols. One high damage huge recoil. One from medium.) but who the hell cares... im so excited 8>

Dont take that as a idea!

Also what about when you play multi and some newb who knows a **** goes to that door and opens it? While team shouts NO ! Thats scary o.o

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kazumo - - 1,174 comments

Omg! This sounds awsome :3 Can't wait ffs! >.<

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