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Happy to announce our main music theme, "The Path to Paradise", which details the first steps into the lush utopia of the god-like Avos.

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Going to make a habit to update this page more, apologies for the delay! (Highly encourage following us on Twitter for more frequent updates:

The Circuits' Team is happy to announce our main music theme, "The Path to Paradise". We're really happy with the piece as it ties heavily into the world lore and really sets players up for what to expect going into such a massive world. Hope you enjoy it!

"A portal, a machine, a door. Each unique, yet each the same. A gateway through space, past planets, and over stars. At the road’s end, the light of paradise.

A new world, shining in impossible ways comes into focus as each creature steps off the celestial road. Far off noises float through the fresh air as the alien jungle gives way to a radiant city, the heart of this world’s music and light.

The strangers continue their triumphant walk through the city, optimistic about the possibilities and rewards of their journey, though blissfully unaware of peering eyes watching each step. In this world, Paradise… comes at a price."

Music by Zhao Shen at


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