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The first playable prototype has been released! Also, this article is a short look backwards, to see what happened. I want to thank everyone for their help, input and support!

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The path of Star Apocalypse

Welcome. I have a special reason why I have written this article. Currently, it's 7 years ago that Star Apocalypse was first conceived. Exactly 7 years ago. On 20 october 2004, I first conceived Star Apocalypse, while thinking about what would be the best scifi RTS game. Back then, I had loads of spare time to think about all sorts of concepts. Star Apocalypse was derived from a concept which I wrote back in january 2004. It detailed about my ultimate MMO game.

The evolution of Star Apocalypse has been constant. It's also one of the prime reasons why it took so long to have the first really playable product of the game. Basically, the game has changed enormously in terms of concept.

At first, it was imagined to be a mix of Freelancer and Haegemonia, with a mix of our own elements. This was the first concept, and lasted for a long time (up until 2009). The game almost managed to enter a playable phase. Unfortunately, problems in the team caused the project to fall apart. I won't detail here about those problems.

I didn't give up though, and started updating the concept. I didn't think the concept was up to date any more. I introduced new concepts, and removed others. This changed the game a lot. I also started to work on my coding skills, which have resulted what I wanted to present today. Along the way, I also let new friends join the team. I'm very thankful for them giving input and helping me out with problems.

Today is the day on which the first really playable and publicly released fruit of my and my friends' work is available. It's not just special that this has been released. It's also special because it marks 7 years of work, finally reaching the stage of infancy in terms of playability.

The future might hold beautiful things, but also holds danger. Goal of ours will be to create the most realistic and enjoyable simulation of a scifi universe. For now, there's the combat prototype, which has been a programming testing ground for various techniques. I hope you'll enjoy it, as it has been a very pleasant journey for me so far. The journey is far from over though. And as long as there's fans who want to see the concept become a reality, I, and the rest of the team, will continue to try to make it happen.

Expect more to come, and game on!

-- Robske / dirtbag007

PS: The playable prototype should be available each moment in the downloads section.

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