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Current progress on establishment of routine and on mod version 1.2; Read on, comrades! GLORIOUS!

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Below is my current list of milestones toward version 1.2 :)


1. Establish code -COMPLETE

  • Setup Mod SDK -COMPLETE
  • Acquire tools (asset resolution, etc) -COMPLETE
  • Acquire outside code (the currently released Uprising units, etc) -COMPLETE
  • Create/format mod directory and sub directories -COMPLETE
  • Populate directories with necessary provided data (RA3 Unit, Support Power XMLs, etc.) -COMPLETE

2. Addition

  • Add the Harbinger Gunship -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • Add the Emperor's Oni -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • Add the Giga Fortress -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • Add the Archer Maiden -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • Add the Steel Ronin -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • Add the FutureTank X-1 -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • Add the Tesla Tank
  • Test build the mod to validate my implementation methods -COMPLETE 2/17/10
  • "Configure" the additions to suit the mod ;)

3. Restoration

  • Download the 1.1 version of the mod for reference -COMPLETE
  • Play a sandbox skirmish to gather notes on Allies changes (buildtimes, costs, etc)
  • " " for Soviet changes
  • " " for EotRS changes
  • Record new phrases for the Drunkscript
  • Record new phrases for whats currently the Emperor's Oni (I'm turning it into a comedy unit)
  • Apply original changes to set source code = current 1.1
  • I am deliberating whether 1.2 should include the changes to attacks, armor, etc or just the buildtime and the like changes (including support power recharge times, which are easy to calculate), with future discussion held for the other adjustments... (I NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS DECISION, COMMENT ON THIS POST AND GIVE INPUT, PLEASE)

4. Other

  • I've seen the main menu appearance modded, and I want to do so as well :) -MAY BE CUT
  • Turn several units on each faction into comic alternates
  • Use comments to fix issues with the mod (If you have any issue needing a fix or an item that's quick to add, like multiplayer colors [which I am planning on adding some], MAKE A COMMENT. I don't know what you're thinking unless you contact me by PM or by comment)
  • -Insert whatever else may come to mind-

This post will be edited time and again, so though the site may/may not register a change of mine to this post as an update, check back often for my latest evil pla- I mean, good works :)

Farewell for now, comrades! HAIL!


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