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Features of the pack, incl changelog, and installation instructions.

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- Music completely changed

- New animations

- All factions new banners

- All factions new weapons and armor (All of the new weapons have the appropriate length)

- All factions renamed

- Sound effects Revamped

- More gore

- Bigger arrows

- New bows

- New loading screen

- New Main Menu

Changelog included in pack aswell (same text)

Status of the pack

Well, infact the pack is complete. We are still waiting with releasing it properly to just be sure that there are no glitches and so, the pack will be released shortly. Most probably BEFORE the 1st of september but we will see how it goes, we are currently waiting for one thing that will be the deciding factor of when we release it. But regardless the latest time of release WILL BE, 1st of September at latest.


Step 1. Start by downloading the mod and then place it anywhere on your desktop.

Step 2. Navigate to your current folder for warband > Modules. For steam users it should be >C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules

Step 3. Make a copy of your current native module, and place it somewhere outside the modules folder of warband.

Step 4. Delete your current native module and then place the new one in it´s stead. (No replacing should be done, it should not be anything left of your first native except the copy you made,)

(Textures / Models are not made by us, we are simply making a resource pack, meaning drop n drag, so original textures n models go to the creators of ACOK mod)

Pack By Mia & GodlikeRaya

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