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"The Orange Bag Bundle" is the collection of games that will be releasing alongside "The Orange Suit Project."

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"The Orange Bag Bundle" is a collection of games that will be simultaneously released alongside "The Orange Suit Project." After further consideration, Lambda Interactive decided as a team that it would be more beneficial to release several games at the same time. These games currently include the singleplayer sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two, "The Orange Suit Project," a remaster of Ricochet for the Source Engine, "Ricochet: Evolved," and one unannounced title.

"The Orange Suit Project" is a sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two, wherein you take up the mantle as Gordon Freeman and equip your crowbar as you battle from the arctic, to the Combine Homeworld, Xen, and finally, Earth. In this title, aliens from the first Half-Life will be reintroduced, along with creative gameplay with the Zero-Point Energy Manipulator (aka Gravity Gun).

"Ricochet: Evolved" is the multiplayer game mode picked to be officially released alongside "The Orange Suit Project." Using the alt fire of the pulse rifle, you will be able to bounce projectiles off the walls to kill your enemies... In low gravity.

Finally, we have an unannounced title that will also be released alongside these two.

Don't worry, it won't disappoint!

Will Granda

Creative Director and Project Lead

Lambda Interactive

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