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This was the original idea for the mod, it was not possible to create this in GoldSource and I lack the skills to pull this off, if you want to take a shot at it, you're welcomme to. Credits go to an old PS3 driving game that insipired this idea (can't find the name of it) and the SCP known as SCP-035.

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Soul Syphon

Before you read this I want to disclaim that this is a completely different story than what is being worked on for this mod, and has absolutely no relation to the product I am developing. I post it only in hopes that someone who has the capability of creating a story similar to this may be inspired to do so. If you are talented when it comes to game design and want to create this, you have my full blessing to do so. All I ask for is credits for inspiring the story.

The story is about a woman who is taken away and executed by corrupt authorities in a despotic country, only for them to find out far too late that she has the ability to transfer her soul to any nearby host body. In order to escape the facility, you must transfer your soul to these host bodies, in order to get to the dictator and stop him. Any body you possess will stick out since the eyes will appear milky (the way they do when someone dies and the body you posess will eventually rot since it is dead)any time you die your spirit is released and you pilot your soul to another host, you must do so quickly though since your soul's energy fades. At the start of the game, you can only possess certain indiviudals, but as you level up you can possess more powerful and more useful people and increase the timespan you have before your soul passes on. If you leave a host body, it will simply die.(originally it was to be where the former allies would consider the body possessed and would kill their former teammate, this seems too hard to program). The plot of the game is to get revenge on the despot who ordered you and your families executions. The game would end with you posessing the despots body and forcing him to kill his family. At the end of this story you've seen so much horror that you live long enough to become the villian, possessing the soul of the dictators second in command and taking over the country.

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