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The Nutcraacker Bundle from Indie Royale is out including PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate.

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The Nutcracker Bundle is the latest collection of great titles from Indie Royale. There are five featured games: PixelJunk(TM) Monsters Ultimate, Fester Mudd: Curse of Gold - Episode 1, Prime World: Defenders, Dungeon of Elements and Legend of Fae. There's also a bonus chiptune album, Street Cleaner, from Street Cleaner for those who beat the bonus target price.

All the games in The Nutcracker Bundle are available for Windows via Steam except Dungeon of Elements which is available via Desura and in Steam Greenlight. 4 of the games are also available on Mac and 3 are on Linux.

You can find more information on this bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, on its official website or via its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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