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| :Incoming Video Transmission | Unclassified: |

Hello captains, I Admiral Piett have a message...

It will be some time until you receive the next lot of supplies and ships...

I've heard rumours of something more happening but

I have not been told you will have to find out yourself, All

I can say for sure is you need to practice! You will be engaging

in combat with the rebels soon enough.


We have a few rebel ships identified from our scouts

:0: Nebulon B Class Escort Frigate

:0: Clone Wars Era LAAT's

:0: CR90 Corvettes

There has been a report of MC80 Liberty class Star Cruisers.

If you come across any of the ships they are a high priority!

That is all Captains

| :Video Transmission Ended | Unclassified: |

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