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It has been two weeks since the first release has been published and we already want to present you the second update with new game content distinguishing strongly to DotA. But how could it else be, we also finished some old content like the final Throne to win a game (in DotA the Ancient).

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The new update introduces a new game mechanic called "Watch tower".
The watch tower is a tower like unit with 5000 HP and high gold reward
that is once on the green side of the map and once on the red side.
It gives vision in an area of 60/40 (day/night) and can attack enemy units.
The point of this structure is that if it gets destroyed the glyph -which is now
also in the game- of the watch tower owner is set on full cooldown (4.5 minutes). So the team
that destroyed the enemy watch tower can now push without being interrupted.
If a glyph is activated every structure of your team receives a buff that renders
it invulnerable for 6 seconds making it easier to react to pushes. The watch tower
is not affected by this buff making it a yes or no decision if your team
should defend it or not. Because both watch towers are in the jungles of their teams
they dont react to neutral creeps and their camps making it no change for junglers
gaining gold and XP.

In addition to the throne the tier 4 towers are now in position to defend the enemy target.

Changelog for the incoming update:

+ New feature
* Changed feature
- Removed feature


+ Added watch tower
+ Added Throne (Ancient in DotA)
+ Added tier 4 towers
+ Added spell/item description tooltips GUI

* Increased base maximal health of tier 2 towers from 1200 to 1600
* Increased tier 1 tower damage from 100 to 110
* Increased tier 2 tower damage from 120 to 130
* Increased tier 3 tower damage from 130 to 160


* Chat messages are now displayed also if the chat window is invisible


* Changed Ice Sheperd base maximal mana from 182 to 220

This update will come out in about two or three weeks, this is because we want to gain some
feedback/new testers until a completely new version is released.

Here a screenshot of the new watch tower of the green side:

And here the download link for the current version, 0.0.1:
Download link to the first alpha version (0.0.1)

Thank you for reading,
The Case-o-Matic team

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