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Fashion news: "The plane is flying, the wheels are spinning, and you were not waiting for us, and we came here".

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I haven't posted anything interesting for quite a long time, but there is not a small handful of super news.
1. completely redesigned prologue(screenshots below, no comments)
2. Added icons for user-friendly itemsbut. this is the message icon, so you can use a PDA, a piece of paper or a computer and read both the information that occurs in the story and the comments of the victims.b. gold (formally it is yellow) exclamation mark icon "(!) "gold (!) - means that this is the plot point. And there it is already clear that in order to get there, you need either a map or read the PDA that the villain left.

3. replaced the screenshots in the screenshot feed. since those that are no longer correspond to reality, the cards have become a head taller and much more beautiful screenshots of the prologue:(not all to keep the intrigue alive)

20210609124945 1

20210606202559 1

20210604162244 1

20210606105640 1

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