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This new version have been made the January 26, 2010. It will be released somewhere on the february.

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This is the patchlog of the 1.00 to 1.02.

SnMX v1.02:
*11 new runes
*news pictures
*news cube recipes
*level have been decrease to 250
*a lots more hard for get lvl
*bug with ALL animations have been fixed
*bug with ALL Tlb files have been fixed

SnMX 1.01 :
*Maximum skill level is now at maximum : 99
*The difficulty of the game is now more hard then the real game!
*Uber area at Underground passage lvl 2 (not finished but working)
*1 new wepon : Abbysal Blade
*Cow are now dragon!
*New animations of some monsters!
*The rune God is now lvl 61
*Less xp per monster

SnMX 1.00 :
*2 new aura for the amazon! : Fanatism and Meditation
*Maximum skill level is now at maximum : 80
*The character level maximum is now : 250
*Big inventory and big stash
*The run and walk is now very fast!
*I made 6 news runeword with new names!
*I made a new wp for act 1 , the moo moo farm
*1 new rune was made : the Rune God! (Indestructible and more powerful)
*New mercenary skills for Act 1 and Act 5.

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