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The relativety of all hardpoints, that is how I call my new system.

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I told you before about the new hardpoint system, I want to tell you some more.

From now on, it's easy to see how strong a ship is.
Every single hardpoint has a preset damage. Preset pulse count. Preset reload time. Everything. If a Foray corvette has a point defence laser, it's the same one you'll find on a Paladin or Inexpugnable. If you want to see how strong a ship is, simpely hover over it and see what it has, agian, here are the new lasers:
Point defence laser system, Anti fighter/bomber, nothing more. medium range, medium damage.
Heavy anti ship laser cannons. Anti all except fighter/bomber, medium range, medium damage.
Light turbolaser cannons. Anti all except fighter/bomber, long range, medium damage.
Heavy turbolaser cannons. Only for battleships. Anti frigate/capital, long range, high damage.

So some of you will have to get used to this. I had this idea for a loooooooooong time, and finaly I am utilizing it. it work pretty wel, health and such preset. No more messing around with "is that turbolaser strong?" questions or "is that lasercannon good against frigates?"

I had to overhaul every single space unit in game, even the spacestations because I had to break the current damage system. Now broken, it is very easy to just give all ships their appropied weapons and compere them to other ships. It might look difficult to understand, but once you understand the simplicety of this, the game is sooooooo much easyer.

If you wondered what I was doing the last week, here you have it, and I am still not entierly finished.
Please guys, comment because I want shit loads of critesism and comments about what you think of the thing I did. I think I'm the first to ever do this in a mod, can't think of anyother that is utilizing this system, maybe because it was invented by me:-)




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Jeroenimo Author

thanks It took some time to construct but now it's done

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