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In this article we will show you some parts of the new map we've made for the release of the new version. Also some information.

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We recently released an article showing off new information on all the small changes we made to the game for the release of the second alpha version. In this article we will give you a closer look on the map that the new version will feature.

The setting

For the map in the new version of the game we tried something completely different from the first version. We chose an island setting (consisting of 2 islands currently) connected with bridges which will grow every version a little more. For example we could add new islands to the game every new release. All islands feature dynamic map parts which allow the player to trick the zombies and kill them in more than just one way.

While there are various houses and small towns on the map you will also be able to search through huge forrests and other areas. The world will also feature a lot of new animals and new zombie kinds.


The interior

We have completely new house models on the map and you are able to go into various houses already.

Also: We will be releasing a new demo of the game in about a week or two. This wil help us to fix bugs and you already get a sneak peak into the game's current state.

Creepy Interior TestMelee Weapon

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