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A multiplayer real time strategy war game where two players must battle one another while fighting together in order to survive.This is the 2D real time strategy war game of the year. (in our not so humble option)

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In 8 Bit Kingdoms, you are a ruler in the land of Leftos striving for total domination across the land. Take the classic military approach and destroy anyone who opposes you or construct the King's Throne to silence your enemies. Be careful though, enemy spies can sabotage your production! How you achieve victory is up to you, just understand the path to rule is never a clean one.

The main objective in this game is not necessarily to take out your opponent by yourself, but to outlast them; build a great stronghold and buy time until winter comes so Ice Zombies can overrun your enemies for you!

If we've peeked your interest, we hope you would consider checking out of Kickstarter campaign to learn more on everything 8 Bit Kingdoms has to offer.

-The Code Bunny Team


Dang - looks really nice and seems to have a lot of polish! Well done. I take it since you are ruling Leftos you are fighting the Kingdom of Rightos and constantly moving east? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Seriously - good luck! Top notch stuff I'm seeing.


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