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How to understand that darkness is dangerous? Just look into the impenetrable Darkness and feel the Darkness watching for you. But what if the Darkness within you? Become her enemy or friend?

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What is more important: to escape from the banal fears at all costs or to save own honor and dignity (and if they do not exist, then find them)?
In our game, the player will sometimes make a choice between what is good for others, and what is good for him alone. Be selfish advantage. But go out of darkness, you can only rescuing the soul. In our game will be two kinds of darkness: darkness physical - evil lives in an old house and the dark of soul that lives in the heart of the main character. From what darkness escape - to decide the player himself.
This is the nature of fear. We want the best for themselves, but are afraid of own actions. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes - not. And sometimes we invent own ghosts and fear them. Darkness is not scary. Scared heart filled by darkness.

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