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Because some things are free, not everything is perfect the first time round and also Fred.

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As I type this I am watching the Confederations Cup, Brazil are hammering seven shades of Cu Roi out of Mexico. Mexico are doing the same to Brazil, thing is they're a goal down. But there's just enough time in the stoppages to tell you that there's been a recent(ish) update to Myth 2, hotfix 424 (which is also football formation that was popularised by Brazil through their domestic league during the 50s, as well as in their World Cup wins of 1958 & 1970).

First I have to point you in the direction of the recently released demos. These are free to download and play and a good way to get into Myth 2, especially if you haven't ben able to get a copy from Amazon or Ebay. Links below are for downloads:

Windows Demo
MacOS X Demo
Linux Demo

All are hosted on The Tain, also having the hotfix pre-applied. And now onto the hotfix itself. Nothing is really major here, just a few bug fixes and stuff.

  • A bug that caused myrkridia to attack slower than usual
  • A bug which occasionally caused the randomness of multiplayer start locations to be, well... less than random.

That's not a lot so here's some credits for Project Magama:

    Core Team:
    David Bregman, Windows, Graphics, UI and Core Programming
    Alexei Svitkine, Mac and Core Programming
    Andrew Lauritzen, DirectX 11, Improved Stats Tracking and Metaserver Features
    David Reta, Updated Interfaces, Updated Mapmaking Documentation, Quality ControlDetail

    Texture Megapack:
    Chris Arthur

    Additional Help From:
    Chris Arthur, Mapmaking Features
    John Fernandes-Salling, Graphics Optimization Ideas

Thanks for keeping this thing running guys :)

I'm not going to host the hotfix on here, you can grab it from the Project Magma website. Go on, download it and have a play.

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