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We are introducing the most realistic cat simulator Max&Maya;. No, it won't involve napping and pooping in a box. It's way cooler. The next door chimichanga man brought an end to the world. People turned into zombies, and the world now belongs to cats and dogs, fighting for fleas. That's right. Fleas are the new world currency. And you're a cat. You've got paws — and a ton of things to do.

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Max&Maya is the first realistic alpha-cat simulator, which markets the secret ambition of your pets: All Power to the Cats! You're in for a fascinating story. Where have all people gone? Is there a way to defeat rats and dogs? Why nobody feeds me anymore? It's time to boost your skills, defeat your enemies and build a real cat fort! Of course, you can take a nap anytime, and if anyone wakes you up, your sacred duty is to piss on their slippers. Your most potent weapon is meow-magic. You (yes, your very self) must meow a spell in your mike, and your fluffy fighter's enemies will have a bad time!

The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter::

Gather a feline army and conquer the world!


  • You’re a cat (or a pussy), and that’s it.
  • Claw and run.
  • Eat crap, drink from puddles, and then pee and throw poop at your enemies.
  • Scream from the rooftops into your mike — that’s meow-magic!
  • Build a real cat fort.
  • This is the Apocalypse well deserved!

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