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The final main update for the Private Playtest has been uploaded to the axisofdestruction website, and we are looking to get more feedback while we work on the chapter 1 patch!

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The Monster Update Patch is Live!

It's finally here! This is the final main patch to the private playtest, only small fixes for reported problems will be uploaded in the future.

The update gives players an updated combat, about 2 hours of storyline, and plenty of areas in the world to explore. Some specific features include:

  • Monster Types - Players are weak and strong toward specific enemies. Fighters are stronger toward undead, humanoids, and beasts, but weak against demons, spirits, and other similar monsters.
  • New Skills - The player character and allies now have monster specific attacks, allowing you to pick and choose the wisest attack, rather than simply choosing the latest powerful spell each time you power up.
  • Monster Custom Appearances - Monsters have shed their RTP Battler Designs, with custom designs made by BrookeKohaku21 and myself. However, enemies for other chapters have not been completely revamped.
  • Sprinting - Run with the powers of the Boots of Excellcius.
  • Jumping - Simply press 'A' and leap over cliffs! Yes that is possible.
  • Markstone Teleportation - Teleport to new towns and main dungeons upon discovery!

If you wish to check out the game, you can do so by going to the Playtest Register on the website, or by shooting me an email: with the subject being SR:MT Playtest.

Have fun!


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