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Multiplayer? also check out the other places momentum is at.

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Good Day Gamers,

How do you guys like the demo?
I am currently working on an update to bring multiplayer into Momentum in some way, currently the multiplayer 'works' nearly perfectly on split screen (kind of hard to see though) and 'works' on lan. By 'works' I mean it is the same as single play, but because of the perspective you randomly run into each other because you can't see each other.

If I could get multiplayer to work what sort of multiplayer would you like?
I could do a 'time trial' sort of game to see who could get to the end fastest and a sort of backwards deathmatch gamemode where there would be extremely hard levels (with randomly moving things) and the level would change depending on how people were going.

I am also working on a patch to get the pause menu to work better (doesn't restart the level [have to press 'r'] and continue doesn't make the menu disappear [have to press 'esc']) which is kind of a big problem I didn't find before I released the game.

Also a feature that I am adding is the ability to change your keys (from 'wasd' to the arrow keys for example).

Another thing I would like some people to do is check out the other sites momentum is on
the facebook page:
the forum: (if you need a hand on a level post on this forum)

If you have any ideas for the game please leave a comment here, on the facebook page or a message on the forum under Feedback

if you have found a bug in the game go onto the forum and leave a message under Technical Support -> Bug Report

check back here or on the facebook page for the update.

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