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"The Mod" is currently in the pre-development stage!

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Transmissive Studios is currently developing a mod. For the time being, we'll just call it: The Mod.

The Mod will take place in the fictional town of Black Mesa, New Mexico. The town is the closest human population center to the Black Mesa Research Facility, although it is many miles away from the main complex. The Main Character, Allan, lives in a small friendly neighborhood, and lives a quite normal life. He works at an office building, which just happens to be one of the tallest building for miles. His office is on the top floor, with his bosses and other higher ranked employees because he's a manager.

He hears rumors going around about some weird guy who moved to town with his family not long ago. His co-workers say he works for some top secret place located in Black Mesa.
NOTE: In Gordon Freeman's employment letter, it states that because he has no family, he can move into the facility. I am just assuming that if an employee has a family, they live somewhere nearby, but not in the facility.
In the Mod, you get to play a day in the life of Allan. Go a whole day with nothing happening, and become him. The next day however... that's when things get interesting. It starts out as a normal day. When Allan drives to work, he sees a lot of military vehicles on the main street of the city, going somewhere in a hurry. He also sees jets and ospreys fly over the city. He goes to work as normal. He receives a fax and goes to bring it to the CEO of the company he works for when a bright light flashes far away. He falls and the building shakes briefly. He gets up and see's a mushroom cloud rise into the sky miles away. That's basically the introduction. Nothing else happens in the Half-Life Universe for another 4 years or so(Portal Storms occur in 2004). We'll try to see if we can get a few portals to open before the introduction ends, just as a glimpse into the future...
The Mod Team consists of only Me and Shion366, who still has to create a ModDB account. If you are an experienced programmer, modeler, texture artist, concept artist, or map designer, and are willing to volunteer for the team, please email me at:

P.S - I actually said a lot more than I wanted to, but I just can't keep it in. That *probably* means a lot of Media Releases. Is that a good or bad thing, eh?

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