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I'm no leader, but I am just going to put out some small info for you all.

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My name is Carnage, and I have joined this mod. I have had a couple of my own mods(failed due to work) and I am fully intending on helping this mod succeed.

As you all know, or should know, a mod needs help, and not always from the team. This mod is going for realism, and as such we will try our best. But it is always nice to get to know what your fans and players want too, because it is being made for them. Your ideas are always welcome, and will BE FULLY considered.

I am going to do my best to code this how you want, and to make this mod the best it can be. We are also working on making this as professional as possible. Your input will always be vital in that aspect.

We also realize that not everything we imagine and want will happen, but we can always come close... There will be updates soon enough, and they will be good. We want to pt out some information for you to get you hyped up and interested as well as inform you as much as we can without spoiling certain things.

Now, we will be going slow, as most productions should, so trying to rush will be of no use. But that does not mean we should be too slow.

Now, if you will, please let us have some suggestions. They should be realistic in there goals and nature, which will get more attention.

I thank you if you have read this, and I hope to see you all back here soon. Be safe.

Signing out,




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feillyne Staff

What 'ehh'?

Good luck!

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when will this mod be back in development?

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