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this is my first mod so alot of the images here at the moment are likly to be refined at a later date also i could use some help for the mod i need a coder and maybe an animater though any help would be greatly appreciated

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ok at the moment its looking like there maybe anywhere from 4 to 6 races depending on time and general interest. the races that have been portrayed dont all have names (im no good at naming stuff) this is the list of races so far.

Terran expeditionary force.

United Colony Initative

(yet to have a name) elder race

The Swarm

(yet to be named) Sythetic race

(yet to be named) nomadic travelers (not playable)

each of these races will have unique(ish) tech trees and playing styles. for example the T.E.F will focus on small fleets with high damage long ranged ships as the core (longbows). whereas the U.C.I will have medium sized fleets with heavily armoured close range ships and swarm well...thats self explanitory.

anyone wanting to help with the mod please contact me especialy anyone who can code

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