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What started as a personal project turned into a full-blown mod.

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This mod will probably feel like a bolt from the blue to some people, with hardly any prior notice that it was under development before its release in a day or so from this posting. The truth is I made it originally just for myself, so I could play the Terrans in the single player campaign. But the original six files I changed (for units & dropships) have expanded to 102 in the Reversal section of the mod. Much of that is eye candy for the UI or campaign, but its a result of my desire to just keep polishing and expanding the mod to make it better.

The mod I have now has addressed every single major, minor and trivial complaint I had with the original game. That includes both unit balance and the missing Terran faction. When I realized just how complete it really was, I decided I might as well release it for anyone else out there who had the same complaints or desires for GC2 that I did. There's only a couple minor things missing that I haven't been able to change, but I'm quite happy that all of the graphics and other files in this mod have been 100% built from scratch or from the original game's data. There will be similarities but I didn't want any conflict of ownership with the older Terrans mod (though I thank them for the inspiration to make this one).

I'll be taking a day or two here to make sure there aren't any outstanding bugs or issues with the mod before releasing it for download. There'll be another news post then with a guide to the three sections of the mod.

In the meantime you can whet your appetite with the screenshots in the gallery or read up on some of the changes in the features section. Stay tuned.

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