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New! The game will get a menu, it means that the game is no longer a common custom story.

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Greetings! The game will have its own menu, because I found that if I translate a custom story for Portuguese, will be strange and the Portuguese requires scores. So not to get messy the English custom one simple story and the Portuguese one custom wrong story, I'll make a game with menu. It will not be those Custom Story to send to folder for the custom stories, will be to send to redist, ai changes already the case. I would make a simple using the same entities and modern entities. I'm still creating more things and editing more. Editing scripts and removing bugs. The mod will not be released now, but maybe in the middle of the year, I will do everything possible for the player to have a good game. Not reveal anything about the history of Kleber, despite his father disappeared, I do not know yet whether it will be continued after the first game. I will continue to post more pictures and maybe can post a video showing how will the mod for you?

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