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Each month CnCmasters will highlight a new mod it will be the Mod of the Month, The Selected Mod is the most updated Mod during the month which has new images, new videos, units, patches etc and the memebres are the ones who Decide which Mod is and that Mod is going to be shown on the main page as the Mod of the Month and this month our Mod is Red Alert Synergy which is a Mod for Red Alert 3.

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As we said in this thread before that CnCmasters is going to highlight and support a new Mod each month and members of CnCmasters are the ones who votes for the best so the best Mod and the Mod of the Month is the Red Alert Synergy Mod which has the higher count of votes this month.


The Red Alert Synergy Mod is a Mod for Red Alert 3 Created and developed by Sighnapse and some other great guys in their team who brought many new stuff to the game new units, buildings fixes some bugs and they post an overview each month shows all the updates that happend during the month.

Image Image

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[quote= From Red Alert Synergy Summary ]Set outside of the realms of story lines, Red Alert Synergy brings together the best of the Red Alert series into one multi-player unofficial expansion pack!

Expect an updated Yuri faction with new and old technology under the new guise of the Psychic Legion!

Revamped ore system to make the most of the field resource mechanic and node system!

Balance and game-play fixes to the existing 3 factions!

A new Red Alert 3 online experience![/quote]

So What do you think ?? The Official thread can be found right here.

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