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Here I will explain how the mod should be. Please reply say what do you think off and there wont be so much job like it may look.

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Ok so first of all most of the Units will be acquired via airdrops, etc: like tanks, vehicles, infantry.

Airs support will be very simple, they will work like the A10 strike power, It will include the normal planes, like raptors, stealth fighters, aurora bombers.

Choppers will be called in and when they reach the place where u want them, then u can take control of them, this applies, to all attack helicopters, transport choppers.

All the units and upgrades will be selectable in the Commander powers screen, but most of them will be free, like basic tanks, infantry, vehicles, choppers, all the advanced stuff will have a fixed point cost to enable them, this applies to units upgrades, advanced units like paladin tank, tomahawk launcher, scud launcher, marauder, special infantry like Jarmen, Burton, black lotus, Hackers, toxin soldiers and so on.

To get General power points you will need to capture flag points ( new model ), Oil Derrecs, Hospitals, everything that is capturable, worth fighting for, and can aid you in a battle.
Also you will get them by destroying enemy units.

This mod will feature new gameplay tipes, like: the standart "Capture the flag" ( capturing stuff like mentioned, a game timer, which when it runs out the team that has most flags and did most damage wins ), "King of the hill" ( the classic fight for a hill that has everything you need to win the battle ),
And the last one "Base Defence" ( One tham attacks a base and the other has to defend it till the round ends, if the base gets completely destroyed then the attacking team wins the round, but if the second theams holds it till the round ends, they win ).

The mod will remove the building ability from the game, as it will be straight to the action!

And thats basicly the whole mod

// For Kamuik: Is it possible to buy units from the Gen. Power screen ( using the ingame money )
And we will need A man that can modify the Commander ability screen so that It would have tabs.

If something wasn't clear feel free to ask in the comments


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