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In response to a comment about this mod being dead... it isn't. It's alive and vibrant!

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I have been rather quiet on this page mainly due to the changes I'm currently making.
I've been cleaning up certain parts that needed work like Hammerhead build animation and selection sound.
Add to that also the complexities of adding in the Soviet Twinblade (or Mi-24 HIND) aswell as the War Bears. I've been trying to equal everything out and bring in some balance. Despite the fact that so far the AI is having severe trouble working out what the new things do.
A repeated problem I've noticed is, just like in Kane's Wrath, GDI seem to love spamming Slingshots even when you don't build any aircraft. This will be sorted as soon as I work out why it happens.

More changes that I've added is the Tiberium Core Missile upgrade for Nod, updated the model for the Secret Shrine, updated the models for the GDI Watchtower, Guardian Cannon and AA turret.

I know this may seem to be taking a long time but I am doing this mod on my own! I get some help on the official forums but I'm a 1 man team. So if I'm quiet, don't worry I'm still working away! I'll stick up some new pics aswell for you all to have a look at.


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