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No, the mod creator and his mod project are NOT dead!

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Hello all,

Once again, it has been nearly an eternity since anything new has been announced, etc. for this project. Apologies for the sheer lack of news. I have been very busy with a lot of other things in life. I have been going to University classes and working full-time. I have also been involved with preparing for a thesis project, reading a lot, and doing historical reenactment. In addition to life's other obligations, this takes a lot of time away from the mod project.

But DH:A is not dead. This mod is dear to my heart and I have been working on it for a very long time. I have had a lot of fun coming up with new concepts, as the mod is set in a completely original universe. I do plan to release the project, hopefully sometime this year (no promises). The mod is almost painfully close to being done. It is very playable (at least in my opinion) as I have spent many hours playtesting it. It has given me challenging gameplay, but it is certainly winnable.

I do want your input on something, though. On and off, I have been completing wireframes for the units. It is tedious work, but it makes unit identification easier when you are commanding multiple units. However, considering how long it takes (and how long it takes to write history research papers) I am considering not making any more wireframes. I do not like leaving things unfinished, but I am tempted to release the mod sooner rather than later. Later on, I might be able to make new wireframes and then release them in a patch. What do you all think of this idea? As stated before, this mod is playable. It just might take some time getting used to the fact that some units won't have a wireframe.

But thank you all, for your encouraging words. When I check DH:A's page here, I see posts saying "Don't let this die!" and so on. It is truly touching to see this kind of interest in my project, especially considering that Star Trek: Armada was originally released in 2000 - almost 20 years ago!

Peace all!

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