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I have an announcement to make about Riptide that is very unfortunate however necessary.

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Hello everyone, it’s Dmitri the creator of Riptide here I have decided to make this announcement even though I feel I may upset many people recently we have slowly stopped working on Riptide I will not blame anyone on the team for this mishap as it is completely my fault and I’m responsible for the mess we now have to pick up because of it. As many of you may know Riptide began as a small project but with a very ambitious idea I now have realized that this idea I originally intended for this project is way too big for the size of the project and the kind of environment we are working in sadly at this point we have gone past the point of salvation Riptide cannot be fixed and therefor I officially declare Riptide to be canceled.

Now, I know you have plenty of questions let me just knock a few out here while I’m at it.

Q: Is Riptide Studios sticking together?

A: Yes, however, we might change our name at some point as to not mislead people.

Q: Will you work on any future projects?

A: Of course, we are always looking for new ideas and things to work on keep in mind however that we will never go this overboard again as we did with Riptide so expect the projects to be fairly small.

Q: How are you and the team doing?

A: As far as the rest of the team I cannot answer that for them however, I can answer how I feel right now I feel a little sad this is over with but also relieved as I was carrying this massive project known as Riptide for a long time and it was hell sometimes to keep it moving and keep it from all collapsing but overall I do not regret it and enjoyed what I learned from it all in the end.

Q: Is Riptide ever coming back?

A: Probably not but again who knows also don’t feel afraid to try and make anything about it yourself as you might be more fit to bring it back than I am.

One more thing as well I will not post the Riptide files on a repository sadly as I’m not quite sure I should when I consider the various risks associated with doing such.

Anyways for the last time on this project goodbye!


Ouch, that sucks! I do look forward to whatever project's you have in mind for the future, though! Even if it's smaller in scope!

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What a bummer. Hope you can move on to another great project that you're passionate about!

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