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Only in case someone is still watching this mod/campaign: Emergency Broadcast is cancelled.

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Only in case someone is still watching this mod/campaign:
Emergency Broadcast is cancelled.

I have not been around here at moddb for some time and almost forgot about the mod-page. Therefore you have not heard anything of this thing even though it should be released in may.

I got some great feedback so why am I not working on it anymore? Well, there are a few reasons for it:
At first I wanted to concentrate more on the team-projects like our homepage and "PechBot". Cranox had (and still has) some problems with the development of the game. So I decided to focus on our mutual project because it was more important to me.
Then I experienced that the interests on L4D had ebbed away. I was afraid if anyone would even play it. Also since I do not own L4D2 it would have been hard to release let alone adjust it to the new gameplay mechanics, visuals etc.
And since I was the only real developer with two helpers (textures and videos) a had to do nearly all of the work alone. I don't think that a may release would have been possible. It is just to much for only one guy to make a whole campaign with custom everything.
And at last the major reason: I was too inexperienced when I started this project. Reaping and me just suddenly got the idea to make a L4D campaign one evening and we started on the off-chance. We didn't realised how much effort we have to put in this thing, how complex the development is and, most of all, how important good planning and a finished concept is. The time I stopped with the development I was not contented with how the campaign evolved. It was just not well thought out. Also a was a rookie back then (You have to consider that this was the first time I ever use Hammer and modded for Source).

I'm sorry if you have still been looking forward to the release of the campaign.
But there are many other good mods out there like I Hate Mountains (great campaign).

If you are interested in the maps and or resources of the campaign feel free to contact me.

And if you are interested in my/our current work visit us at:
(And follow us on Twitter or Youtube or RSS or whatever [DE only by now, sry] and check out the job site)
((As soon as we reach the next development milestone the "PechBot" site will also go online))

In my spare time I am currently working on a very small HL2 mod called "Topor". And this time I have everything planned out and the size of the mod (or map) allows me more freedom. Maybe you will hear of it in some weeks or days or hours.



no, No, N0!

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Totally not cool.

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Sorry to hear that!

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