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Hello. The mod continues to evolve, so I present you a short list of changes.

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Hello. The mod continues to evolve, so I present you a short list of changes:

The description of the missions has been moved to a separate paragraph in the "additional tasks" section. This item is called "Operation Description" (Mission Description), is indicated by the faction symbol icon and appears very first in the list of tasks. A brief description of the main and additional tasks of the mission still remains.

Main buildings can now hold up to ten ground soldiers (Normal infantry only, not robots). Soldiers cannot attack from a building. This feature is needed to hide infantry miners or other soldiers from enemy attacks.

Added the ability to use general special abilities, access to which appears when capturing special neutral buildings. The special abilities menu is made through a modified empty "hero" type unit that wears a faction symbol, is an invulnerable immobile non-attacking "guardian", and its slots on the command bar are replaced with special abilities. There will be no special abilities menu in test missions.

Reduced the attack range of all troops and buildings by 100 units. for more epic battles. Spetsnaz (heroes) attack range has been increased so that they shoot farther than primary infantry.

Fixed bugs in models and textures created by me for the mod.

Created new models and textures for the mod, including new scenery models. Made almost all types of troops of the USSR and the Alliance. In Tashan, only the buildings will be original, while the types of troops and buildings of Alemandia will be with borrowed models and textures.Made new terrain textures based on free images, so far only for a few types of terrain. In particular, the summer, winter and autumn standard sets have been replaced, the textures of the "city" and "Dalaran" terrain types have almost been replaced.

The idea of ??items dropping from enemies hasn't been implemented yet. In test missions, this feature may not be available.

Engineers can build walls that prevent enemy ground forces from advancing. However, there is a big problem with the walls - ground troops (not artillery) can still shoot through them.

Engineers no longer capture buildings immediately, but only a few seconds after using the Capture ability. This is done because the buildings cannot be protected by walls from all sides.

Spies will not steal technology or break into buildings to sabotage. This ability is difficult to implement.

For now, there will be no automatic gates that let only friendly troops through.

Tanks will not be able to crush the infantry. Therefore, a crowd of ordinary infantry will pose an increased danger to tanks. However, anti-personnel vehicles against ground infantry will be more effective.

All troops now have the ability to "Recall Warrior" - this ability removes a combat unit, freeing up the troop limit points occupied by it. Resources spent on the creation of a combat unit are not returned. This ability is made so that the player can remove unnecessary units without actually destroying them - an option for humanists.

Due to the presence of snipers and other long-range infantry, which can easily destroy miner-infantry, the characteristics of miners will be revised - either their parameters will be increased so that attacks by snipers and their analogues are less effective against miners, or miner-vehicles will be introduced. I'm more inclined towards the second option.

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