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Bassically the description of my modding skills and what i had to grab from other mods

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First of all , this is my first ever mod and let me just say some things i had to borrow from other mods just to atleast have not only the ideologies but things like flags and such

like for example i had to borrow leader portraits from other mods just because i suck at making my own god damn pictures ,same can be said for flags

And second thing , i know this mod might get deleted but i still tried to make my own mod thats for sure

and now for the story of how i decided to make my own mod

one night i was not sleeping and i had the sudden idea of trying to make my own ideology mod or atleast making my own mod for my own use

and after that night i started making it

bassically thats the story


I hope you will enjoy my mod

And i thank everybody out there who will atleast read this post

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