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The new update brings a new boss, a new armor set, item affixes, and other various additions to The Memory of Eldurim.

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It's been another great week for us. The game just keeps growing. This week's update brings in a mechanic that will change everything--weapon and armor affixes! Until we get all of the huge core mechanics implemented, balancing the game is going to be a week-to-week ordeal but we'll keep on top of it. We've also added in some UI tools to help you keep on top of your skills and stats, and a new boss challenge.

- Added in Weapon Affxes. (Life-steal, fire damage, etc.)
- Added in Armor Affixes. (+health, +regen, etc.)
- Filled in the stats screen with important info.
- Added in progress bars to next "level" on skills menu (Hold block to show)
- Added in a new boss: Valaran Sergeant.
- Beds now heal you when resting.
- Fixed lag issues during Death Blood boss fight.
- New Armor set: Valaran Elite Set.
- Various bug fixes and balances.

We have some more good stuff planned for next week so keep on eye on our progress. Make sure to keep on top of all our updates.

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