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The Maze - single/multiplayer game needs your help to become reality.

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TwoRobotsStudio has recently started its new campaign for new game called THE MAZE.

The Maze is a first person survival game set in a twisted, dark maze like world. Players mission is to survive and find portal to get out of maze. But there can be only one survivor... Our goal is to offer intense, exciting, gripping and scary experience for players.
The Maze environment is not just corners and walls. There is something more. Something ancient, terrifying and living.

Single and multiplayer
Are you going to make some good time records and watching how friends are trying to beat them. Or go online and be the one and only survivor!
At launch the game will feature SURVIVAL mode. That means players will spawn at different locations in maze and try to find a way out without getting killed. Each player probably has a piece of information about location of portal - so you are hunter and you will be hunted!

Challenging gameplay
Behave recklessly and you will end up dead. Waiting around and you will lose. Choose the best balance of these two and you will survive.

Harsh environment can be your friend. Use ancient ruins and pillars to hide from the enemy.
Remember that this maze is twisted and living thing. It can change locations of walls and items... So don`t be surprised if your path is blocked by one point.

Traps are the main threat in this game. They can be underground, hiding in wall, around the corner, basically everywhere. You have to be careful not to run into them. Some of them trying to slow you down but others are deadly!

Not only other players are your enemies. There are something more and terrifying creatures lurking around the maze.

The Maze offers many graphical and physical features. Depth of field, volumetric fog, collapsing and wind reacting objects and more.

If you like what you see and want more. Please feel free to support us to make this game reality!




The Maze - Pc GameThe Maze - Pc Game

The Maze - Pc GameThe Maze - Pc Game

The Maze - Pc GameThe Maze - Pc Game

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