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The Masterplan is now available for Linux on Steam Early Access. First early access update also brings new content, features and bugfixes!

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Happy to announce the first Early Access update for The Masterplan!

We've added a new heist scenario ("The Bar") and fixed a ton of issues!

We've also added LINUX SUPPORT!

We've had limited time to test various Linux configurations so a word of warning, you may run into issues, but make sure you report them and we'll get them fixed asap.

New Content and Features
  • Now available on Linux!
  • ...testing on Linux has been limited, so standard Early Access warnings apply - If you run into issues, please report them on our forums or via email to support (at)
  • New Heist: "The Bar"
  • Improved framerate across all platforms
  • New map screen background
  • Improved aiming & direction - You can now issue a direction where your goon will face by keeping right mouse button pressed and dragging away from issued waypoint
Bug Fixes
  • Only show equip hot key for currently actionable items. For example, don't show hot key for ammo
  • Stop attacking if weapon is changed to a different type weapon. For example you have issued a melee command and then decide to intimidate instead and equip a gun, the character will not shoot
  • ZZZzz effect is only shown for unconscious bodies and the effect moves with the body if the body is moved to another spot
  • Disallow issuing commands beyond level bounds
  • Fix NPCs sometimes getting stuck facing the opposite direction they are going
  • Centering camera on a goon only works when quickly selecting the same goon twice. For example, if you quickly press "1" twice, it will select the first goon and then center the camera on it.
  • Bodies are only counted once towards the bodycount. Previously picking up and dropping bodies increased the bodycount.
  • Fix loot count and ammo count texts sometimes displaying incorrect amounts
  • Fixed goons sometimes picking up items from a super far
  • Fixed guards and cops not being able to walk through broken windows
  • Fixed items getting heavier and heavier if they were picked up and dropped multiple times
  • Fixed picked up and then dropped items sometimes getting permanent "Pickup"-tooltips
  • Fixed lots of issues with game crashing when pressing "New Game". If the game still crashes, see workarounds ( or contact us via email

Enjoy the update! Thanks for your support and be sure to tell your friends about The Masterplan!

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