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Mostly the big ones I'll be talking about, people love the big ones.

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The Big Maps?

As we promised that we would push source to it's limits, and push we have. I recently created a huge, huge map that has a lot of fun potential. Basically just a canyon with mountains around, the map is on a massive scale and took me around 3-4 minutes to sprint from one end of the map to the other. The hilltops are a good vantage point for the people below and there are bases up the hilltops.

We've found vigorous ways around being limited to pretty small maps compared to other engines. One of these ways was by introducing multiple levels. For example my mountain map I created, had the ground level, lots of tunnels and the hilltops, this allows for more spacious gameplay and will suit the max players of 64 much better.

We also have dusk which is the biggest map we could possibly create in source without crashing it, again more on that another time.

As for my map, I'm going to touch it up and going to release a video and some images showing the scale.

Anyway, big updates next week in the weekly update so look out for that!

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