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The Man Came Around, a survival game about moral dilemmas, hardships and the failure of democracy, is live on Kickstarter. Will you sacrifice your principles in order to survive?

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The Man Came Around- A Thought-Provoking Survival Adventure

Live on Kickstarter !

The indie game studio Pipette Inc. announces that the Kickstarter campaign for The Man Came Around -its survival game and political fable for Windows PC and Mac- has gone live! A public demo and a new trailer were also released! Check it out at :

The Man Came Around

Have you ever considered moving to another country because yours is being hijacked by fascists or/and greedy corporations? Then The Man Came Around is sadly made for you.

Filled with progressives values and hard moral choices, this video game explores subjects like exile, social struggle and the failure of democracy.

Occida, one of the most powerful nation of the world, is shaken by mass protests met by brutal repression. As the fight between The Many -an activist organization- and the government lead by "The Man" intensifies, the country is rapidly falling into dictatorship.

You manage five citizens trying to leave this mess. Their only hope is to cross the Northern Border, a heavily guarded fence lost in the middle of the mountains, while avoiding governmental forces.

Guide them through the wilderness, manage their scarce resources, avoid patrols and make the best of your group abilities to escape this lethal maze. But remember: sometimes staying alive is not the same as doing the right thing… Will you sacrifice their principles in order to survive?

The Man Came Around combines survival mechanics, speed-paint aesthetics and a focus on consequences into a nerve-wracking adventure game.

Features :

  • Group Survival: Permanent death for the characters! It’s up to you to finish the game with five survivors ...or less.
  • Moral Choices: Sacrificing a member, making shady deals or letting innocents die in order to survive... Those choices will impact the story
  • Trauma System: Stress and guilt will take a toll on your characters’ mental health
  • Political fable: The story explores how a democratic system can fall, ruined by special interests. And asks the crucial question: How could it happen?

The Man Came Around is scheduled for launch on PC and Mac.

Useful Links

Kickstarter -Trailer - Demo - Gameplay - Website- Facebook- Twitter

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