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This is a basic Overview Post about me making an Anime Series.

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I am producing an Anime Series using VRoid Studio to create the Characters. My primary limitations are in the Clothing Department and making Tails.

VRoid Studio (as of Version 0.11.3) doesn't yet have a Clothing Designer internal to it. What this means is, while you can edit what is already there, you can't make new items of clothing yet. Editing what already exists can be done, though this is difficult to do if you're not a proper clothing designer.

VRoid Studio (as of Version 0.11.3) doesn't yet support the production of properly functional tails. While you can produce something that looks like a tail, in order to function correctly, the tail has to be modified by external programs. Recommended Program: Unity.

So, these points aside, I'm actually making moderate levels of progress. However, having additional people to operate along side me would help. So, this message goes out to anyone who uses VRoid Studio or Unity.

I will need the following:
- Clothing and Accessory Designers (VRoid and Unity or otherwise compatible)
> Male Civilian
> Male Military
> Female Civilian
> Female Military
- Voice Actors/Actresses (For Dedicated Characters and Filler Characters)
> English
> Japanese
> Russian
> Chinese
> Korean
- Structural Designers (Unity or otherwise compatible)
> Civilian
> Military
- Vehicle Designers (Unity or otherwise compatible)
> Land
> Sea
> Air
> Space
> Multi-Terrain Mechanised

Project ID: Touhou - A Parallel World

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