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The Machines Arena is an adrenaline-fueled PvP game where 9 unique heroes —more on the way!— battle competitively in teams of 4vs4 for some pulse-pounding combat mayhem, delivered in a top-down perspective. Choose a hero that matches your personality, style, and killer instinct, and dive right into the action with multiple game modes and maps.

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The Machines Arena Closed Alpha

If you are interested in super fast-paced games and quick action, The Machines Arena is the game for you!

The Machines Arena is a 4v4 top-down hero shooter and is looking to add people to its closed alpha testing. At the moment we are in our final steps of the alpha and need more people to try out certain things (our ranked mode) before we head into Beta.

We have a community of around 550 players on our Discord and at the moment that is the best way to try out the game. That is, to join our Discord and see when we are playing. We encourage you to check that out if you are interested in trying out the game.

The Machines Arena Discord community
The Machines Arena Steam site
The Machines Arena website

Features in Closed Alpha

  • 8 playable characters and more on the way
  • Choose a role for you, tank, support, or assault
  • Ranked Mode - Rank up in The Machines Arena
  • Training - Try a couple of training matches to get the feel for the game
  • Quickplay - Quickly jump into a game for an instant adrenaline rush
  • Custom Matches - Create a match for you and your friends
  • Quick Matches - All matches in the game are around 5 - 7 minutes at the moment
  • Different game modes to try out (Detonation, Pushback and Skirmish)

Game Modes


  • The players are divided into team Defender and Team Assault. Team Assault's main goal is to grab the bomb and plant it in two bomb sites on each side of the map. Once planted they have to defend it until it blows up. Team Defender's main goal is to prevent Team Assault to blow up the bomb sites. You can also watch an explanation of it here.


  • Two teams fight to push the cart into the other team's base, the cart rails are split into three areas, one for each team and a neutral zone, teams win by pushing the cart out of the neutral zone and into the enemy team zone by the end of the match timer or by pushing the cart the entire way to the other end of the rail, ending the match early, if the cart is still within the neutral zone before the time runs out the neutral zone will start to shrink until the cart ends on either side. You can also watch an explanation of it here


  • The players are divided into two teams and the first team to get a total of 35 kills wins the match. There is also a time limit of 5 minutes, the team with more kills when 5 minutes are up, wins the match.

Here is another trailer focused on one of our melee characters called Riot!

If you like what you see, come and join our Discord

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