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We worked hard, and get some results... The game was without any regular updates in about 4 months. We worked on demo.

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As I said, 4 months before we decided to make a demo before a developing a full game.
I made a map, and you can see some screens in the bottom of the text... I recommend you to read some notes about an upcoming demo release(maybe).

(The story of demo happens on VENUS planet in isolated station-lab, made by people in the mid-seventies. The are many such stations with different functions on Venus. Name of them - PHOL LABS)

The station in demo is a PHOL_LABS RTS, Radio-transmission system
You got back to life after many hours of coma. You don't remember, what happened before, but you see a big crater near your work place. The whole lab is nearly destroyed and you see some disturbing messages on video screens. You decided to leave the lab immediately! Soon you discover that you are not alone in this lab, which become a dangerous place...

More about the PHOL_LABS, why they appeared on Venus, and what they are doing, you'll see and hear in a full version of game. (The story described on the top of the page connects with PHOL_LABS!) That's why my game is a Sci-fi, not a "tactical shooter".
I want to keep some secrets of story to feed your interest :)

People worked on it
Sgw32 - the most objects on the map, scripting, coding engine
Bad-sid - many high quality models, texturing, ideas
v1pire - texturing


  • 3 Weapons - Punch, Pistol, AK47 (maybe more weapons)
  • Iron-sights
  • Radial blur
  • Glow
  • Normal,Specular mapping. VSM Shadows, dynamic lighting.
  • Computers


Demo Map screens
Demo Map screens Demo Map screens Demo Map screens

Demo Map screens

My art director Bad sid said he don't realy appreciate graphics, and decided me to change engine to Unity, but I
refused and was very surprised, my engine is an important part of my game!

Now I need to put many computers, breaking props, explosions, doors, effects on the scene, and a thing that is really important is NPCs, my engine has a very low coded AI - a thing I'm coding now.

Also, a fun part! A hout of work and I made a CG script that does some strange on screen effects(maybe similar to drug effects)

Dope effects

I'll say a cheat to enable this in full version! The best mode is to play with this effect, when the Stereo 3d mode is also enabled XD

Feel free to comment, say what you want to see on this map, and make a constructive criticism - the demo must look brilliant!


Unless you're having optimization issues or art asset importing issues, I don't see a reason to change the engine, the work you've put into this is pretty darn good I must say and it's starting to show. Some of the screenshots are pretty impressive!

I still say shadows look odd, but maybe that's because it's all screenshots? If you've got dynamic shadows I think it'd be neat if you made a video displaying a moving light source in a level.

Also, if it's a science fiction game, especially one to do with people on Venus, I'd really like to see more futuristic designs. The old-fashioned computers and AK-47 don't really seem to fit into what the story says.

Other than that, can't say much at this point. Make sure to concentrate quite a bit on your shooting mechanics, as they can make or break FPS games. Look at games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, Operation Flashpoint, and Rainbow Six Vegas for games that had a good weapon feel. Then look at games like Alpha Prime and Fallout 3 (Don't get me wrong, Fallout 3 is good but as a pure shooter it would fail) for not so good mechanics.

I hope this is helpful!

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i fully understand that your engine is a big part of this game, so just keep using it and developing it.
Elementalist said some true things about the old-fashioned computers and AK-47 don't really seem to fit into what the story says. and that the shooting mechanics are a big part of the success of a fps.
that said i would like to comment also on the weapons shown in the screens above. i really do miss the hand that holds the weapon, or is this just work in progress and will they be added later. because now the weapons are floating in space what will not play well and nice i guess.

other than that, quit impressive work here, keep it up and success,

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