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The 0.3 update has just released! What to expect? A huge performance boost by implementing dynamic LOD, optimizing all villager behaviours and more!

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The big 0.3 Update

A Blameless town with 100 villagers

Here's a overview of the changes and bug fixes in this release:

  • Dynamic LOD on all objects, the FPS is about 2 times higher now.
  • Optimized fire particle effects, they are now being updated only when needed, decreasing the CPU load tremendously.
  • Script optimizations for all villager behaviours. Decreasing file size and optimizing performance.
  • Custom cursors for every inspiration and power.
  • Villagers now carry the tool required for their current job. This enables identifying their job without using the info tool.
  • Villager selection optimized, villagers have better hit detection and show a selection cube when hovering over them
  • Mighty Meteors! The meteor power is in the game. Destruction follows in the next update(s).
  • Optimized balance of resource management, food gathering/consumption and belief usage.
  • Camera movement now dependable on TimeScale. Resulting in smoother overall camera movement.
  • Fixed an issue where music was playing twice in the main menu.
  • Added statistics panel that shows total stats of the current game.
  • Re-implemented super zoom. You are capable of zooming in real close again.
  • Some more minor fixes...

Also the new website is under development, you're free to view it in advance via:


Above: The tool models for the villagers. They actually carry them around now, which makes it far easier to keep track of what each villager is doing.


Above: The Low poly buildings used in blameless, the house in the bottom left is currently undergoing some changes to accomodate procedurally generated content like chimneys and/or building additions.

0 2 9

Above is a shot of o pretty succesful town, The red marks are for letting the player know a new villager is available at that building. The tiny trees on the right part of the screen have popped up after a forest fire completely demolished the forest that was there. As you can see it took me about 4 hours to have the villagers create this village.

Incoming Meteor

The above image is a moment of impending impact of a meteor, the sky lights on fire and a big rock crumbles down with massive display and sound!

0 3land

Thanks for playing the game! I appreciate all the kind words and it's you, the player, who motivates me to create the games we both like!

Yours sincerely,

Fabian | Blameless Dev.

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