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Uploaded images of completed Locust Horde models, ingame progress coming soon, announcement of secondary project.

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I have uploaded images of most of the models of the Locust Horde that will be in the game. I have completed the models and most of the textures and I am working on rigging them, however I may need to reduce the level of detail when I put them in the game. They currently are between 5,000-15,000 polygons.

I am typically busy with school and working on my other projects, however when I have free time I am working on this and another few little side projects. Emergence Day will be released open source upon completion. I estimate that it will be released sometime this summer, however that is a fairly arbitrary guess.

I am starting to get comfortable with the engine. I am have developed a working camera system that I hope to showcase soon when I get some models working ingame. I am also working on the combat system (including the chainsaw) and various other systems that I think will be pretty cool, and hope will work how I want so as to help inspire a revolution of awesome mods.

I am also planning on developing an FPS template and hope to have that nearing completion along the same timeframe as this.

Please post any questions or comments.

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